Thursday, October 05, 2006

Third times a charm...

This is now the third attempt at writing this post!
The first time the weather cut the internet connection
out last night, and then the second time it just mysteriously

We received our first official wedding gift last
week. It is a Good Earth square platter in the
Blue Bird pattern. We both love it! Good Earth
pottery is made in Starkville, MS (home of the
Mississippi State Bulldogs). The platter was
given to us by one of the producers at the
Tupelo office of Ross and Yerger.

This is our second official wedding gift and no
we aren't going to post each one! We're just
both so excited! It is a dinner plate from our
Waterford fine china. The band appears gold,
but it is actually platinum, not chrome like
the Ford Special Edition truck! It came from
Brookie's boss at work.

This is our Guest and Gift box we purchased
to help us stay organized! It has a card for each
one of our guest so we can keep up with our
invitations sent, gifts received and thank you notes

1 comment:

Jeff and Abbey Land said...

I thought that it was a "Platinum Edition" Ford truck. I am going to have to change my order form. I was gettting one for Abbey for Christmas. I guess I'll just have to get her some hand-towels now, or something.