Tuesday, January 02, 2007

LM '06

Yes we are finally updating our blog! We've been quite busy the last few months!
Here's our first update....Moving out of my apartment!

Here's Dad filling up the U-Haul- they gave it to us on Empty. They also gave us a truck a few feet longer than I ordered which later we were very thankful...

Dad and Brookie loading up the truck!

I'm just goofing off while they are loading up the big stuff.

Here's why we're glad that they gave us the longer truck! We (I mean Dad and Brookie) packed it to the very edge! Thanks to Dad's expert packing techniques everything fit!

We'll have some more updates soon! Including the situation with my apartment complex and the $1200 carpet bill! We've now included the family lawyer on this one.

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Anonymous said...

Take them to the mattresses. I think that's it, from the Godfather. I've never seen the movie though, just heard about it on "You've Got Mail." That carpet was NASTY when you moved it! Thanks for the update. love, bil