Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wife in Training

My wife always finds some way to brighten my day. In most cases, it usually occurs when she says something absolutely random. A friend of mine is a residential and commercial landscaper and he is in the process of shaping up our yard. He has a "tractor", which happened to spend the night in the backyard with Mon-roe, that is nearly identical to the attached picture. After Patrick left for the evening, Ava had an idea that she wanted me to take a picture of her sitting in the seat of the "bulldozer" while she was wearing her red cotton logo t-shirt so she could put it on the blog. Well, babe, it made it on the blog, but not exactly how you wished. I know that Bateville isn't considered to be in the Delta (strangely enough, North Delta Academy happens to be located there), but I thought it was close enough for her to be able to positively identify a tractor. That's what you get for assumptions. Granted, she is a lovely front yard farmer, but it is going to take a little more work than I originally anticipated to transform her in to that of a cotton farmer. I guess a few more gin shows and she'll have it down.


Jeff and Abbey Land said...

Ava, Walt can help you learn to identify ALL of the names of the heavy equipment.

MIL said...

Did Ava tell you that she has driven a John Deere?