Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's about time for us to post!

Sorry we haven't posted in forever. We bring our camera everywhere and we always forget to take pictures! These are pictures of the cookies that I brought to a super bowl party we went to. They were a big hit! And no, I didn't make them. I've been home the past two days with Bronchitis and haven't been able to do much. This is the first time that I've been sick since Brookie and I have been married so he's been taking care of me. He's doing a great job especially for his first time!

We're head to Monroe, LA this weekend for my friend's Lindsey's wedding on Saturday. Hopefully I'll take some pictures and be able to post them when we get back. After I learn to post links, I'll have to post the links to Jason and Leslie's blog and Molly, John and Brady's blog!! Now the pressure is on for Richard, Karen, and Hugh! :)


Jeff and Abbey Land said...

yea! you blogged.

Jason and Leslie said...

Awesome cookie! They look too good to eat. I have been trying to get Richard to set up a blog but I will continue to work on him.